Dec 21

IL-2: Toi Hutchinson is too close to the NRA

Written by Aaron Camp under Federal Politics, Illinois Politics, News

After the NRA bashed President Barack Obama and called for armed guards at every school in the country in a press conference earlier today, Illinois State Senator Toi Hutchinson (D-Olympia Fields), who is currently running in the 2nd Congressional District of Illinois special election to replace the disgraced ex-Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Chicago), talked about working with the NRA on her congressional campaign’s Facebook page:

We have to stop tragedies like Newtown, and that means we need an all-of-the-above strategy. We can’t afford partial solutions because we can’t lose so many innocent lives again. In my time in the State Senate, I’ve worked with the NRA, law enforcement and gun control advocates. If we have any hope of finding a solution, we need to elect someone who can bring all sides to the table to pass reasonable gun control along with programs that catch and treat mentally ill individuals before they become dangerous. In Congress, I’ll stand with President Obama to pass an assault weapons ban, outlaw high capacity ammunition clips, close the gun show loophole and other reasonable steps to curb gun violence. But just passing stricter rules on guns isn’t enough–we need a comprehensive approach that also includes anti-violence initiatives like gang intervention and afterschool programs and mental health treatment.

Hutchinson is not running for a swing district where having a track record of having worked with the NRA as a state legislator, or otherwise having some sort of moderate reputation, might be to some benefit against a Republican opponent. The 2nd Congressional District of Illinois voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, who is absolutely vilified by the NRA, in the 2012 presidential election, and Hutchinson is running in a crowded Democratic primary that is tantamount to election for a vacant seat in Congress.

Even though Hutchinson talks tough about supporting an assault weapons ban, an high-capacity ammunition clips ban, and closing the gun shop loophole, she contradicts herself by openly flaunting the fact that she is willing to work with the NRA, an organization that is relentlessly opposed to any form of gun control whatsoever. Oh, and as an Illinois State Senator, Hutchinson voted with the NRA 92% of the time.

Toi Hutchinson talks tough about gun control, but supports the agenda of a right-wing front group for gun manufacturers.

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